process (plural processs)

  1. A series of events to produce a result.
  2. (law) The act of serving a defendant with a summons or a writ.
  3. (biology) An outgrowth of tissue.
  4. (computing) A task or program that is or was executing.
  5. (manufacturing) A set of procedures used to produce a product, most commonly in the food and chemical industries.
    • 1960, Mack Tyner, Process Engineering Calculations: Material and Energy Balances - Ordinarily a process plant will use a steam boiler to supply its process heat requirements and to drive a steam-turbine generator.
    • 1987, J. R. Richards, Principles of control system design in Modelling and control of fermentation processes - The words plant or process infer generally any dynamic system, be it primarily mechanical, electrical, or chemical process in nature, and may extend also to include social or economic systems.

7 letters in word "process": C E O P R S S.

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Words found within process:

cep ceps cero ceros cess cop cope coper copers copes cops copse copses cor core cores corps corpse cors corse corses cos cose coses coss cress crop crops cross crosse eco epos er eros ers es ess oe oes op ope opes ops or orc orcs ore ores ors os ose oses pe pec pecs per pes peso pesos po pore pores pos pose poser posers poses poss posse posser pre pres press pro pros prose proses pross re rec recs rep repo repos reps res roc rocs roe roes rope ropes rose roses sco scoes scop scope scopes scops score scores scorse sec seco secs seps ser sers so soc socs sop sops sore sores sos spec specs speos spore spores

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